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Enhance Your Driven Hunts with Nikko Stirling's OCTA Scopes

Elevate Your Hunting Experience

As the driven hunt season approaches, it's crucial for hunters to equip themselves with reliable, high-performance gear. Nikko Stirling's OCTA 1-8x24 scopes are designed to revolutionize your hunting experience, providing generous field of view (FOV) and precision in both close-range and driven hunt scenarios.

30 October 2023

OCTA 1-8x24 / 4 Dot Reticle: Precision Meets Durability

This scope model boasts an impressive 8x zoom, offering versatility and clarity for various hunting situations. The 30mm tube enhances light transmission, ensuring a bright, clear view, crucial for edge-of-day shots. Additionally, the scope is equipped with a 4 Dot glass reticle, fully multicoated lenses, and high-end mechanics, delivering superior performance and durability.

Key Features:

Waterproof: Ideal for wet environments, this feature ensures reliability in diverse weather conditions.

Shock Proof: Built to withstand the recoil, making it a robust companion for your hunting rifle.

Illumination: Enhances visibility during low-light conditions, extending your hunting hours.

OCTA 1-8x24 / BDC Reticle: Tailored for Accuracy

Tailor-made for hunters using .223, .308, or similar ballistics calibers, this model comes with a Ballistic Drop Compensation (BDC) glass reticle. It maintains all the foundational features of its counterpart, like the 8x zoom and multicoated lenses, as well the low capped turrets for the precision adjustments.

Additional Benefits:

BDC Reticle: Optimizes shooting accuracy at different distances, a crucial factor on long range shoots in driven hunts and dynamic shooting scenarios.

Fully Multicoated Lenses: Ensure optimized resolution, providing clear and sharp images.

Nikko Striling Octa 1-8x24
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